Poul Kjærholm

A handful of uncompromised new production pieces.

A dining/occasional chair. A lounge chair. Low tables. A few essential perfectionist pieces. Mix these with the original Kjærholm furniture. Request the original manufacturing for everything else.

Resurrected by the designer's son, the PK tables are built by the same crafts shops from whom we derive the notion of "Kjærholm quality". Brushed stainless steel frames.
With tops of clear hardened glass, flint-rolled marble, matte polished granite, matte polished arasbescato and matte polished slate.


PK11 Dining Chair

Off all Kjærholm's less-is-nirvana designs, the PK11 exploits the choice of materials to a maximum. The light, strong steel is used for the frame construction. The warm, organic materials - ash and leather (in natural, cognac, red and black) are used for those parts of the chair in direct contact with the user. From every angle the chair is strikingly crisp. Against any backdrop, the chair frames its space respectfully.


PK25 Lounge Chair

Kjærholm never surpassed his first great lounge chair. No one that followed him did either. The PK25 lounge chair is carved from a single sheet of steel. The seating is Halyard. The elegance of just enough.


PK62 Table

- 80 x 27 x 17 cm


PK63 Table

- 180 x 60 x 31 cm


PK63a Table

- 120 x 60 x 31 cm

PK65 Table

- 100 x 100 x 38 cm

PK furniture from E.Kold Christensen
Original Kjærholm

Request the originals.

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